Creating Chances

The Voice of the Child

Talking recently to one of our politicians - a dedicated and conscientious character - I asked about the issues the local electorate had brought to his attention in the time he had been in office. They ranged from potholes, affordable housing, poor street lighting, lack of town centre parking to local education and care of the elderly.

Then I took my turn, raising the topic of looked after children and the life issues they had to contend with. It was the first time a member of the public had ever spoken to him about children in care, the care system and the legal (and moral) responsibilities of local government to children in care.

I guess this was no surprise to me as it is evident that children in care do not really have a voice. No "tiger parent" behind them; always supporting, encouraging and in some cases making huge financial and personal sacrifices on behalf of their children.

This is why I believe the work of Creating Chances Trust is so important and why your voice - articulated loud and clear on behalf of our looked after children is vital if we are to raise awareness of the issues facing looked after children and press our politicians to both listen and then act!

Peter Cox - Trust Director

"The care system has the power to change a child's life... For some children it does just that. Yet too often children tell of a system that does not support them and does not listen to them. They talk of inflexible structures, bureaucratic processes with other factors put ahead of the wishes and feelings of its children and of it failing to be the sort of parent a child would be proud to have... Children in care are often unseen and unheard. If these were your children, it would not be acceptable. That's why getting the care system right matters."

From Principles of Care. The Who Cares Trust. March 2015