Creating Chances

Why do children go into care?

There are approaching 70,000 children in care across the country. Children may be placed in care for their own protection, via a court order or by a voluntary agreement with the child's parents.

Why children go into care

Life chances in care

There are marked differences in the life outcomes for looked after children compared to children who live at home with biological parents. As a result of life experiences and coming into the care system children often have disrupted education and multiple placements. Some children move home and schools many times during their life in care. This is of course detrimental to good education; relationships are continually developed and then cruelly broken - stable love and support is difficult to establish.

Did you know?

  • Approximately 65% of 16 year olds in the UK achieve 5 A* to C grade qualifications at GCSE but if you are a child in care the figure is closer to 15%
  • Approximately 30% of children in care have special educational needs compared to 3% of all children
  • Of people sleeping rough around 30% spent time in care
  • Of the prison population approximately 30% are ex care children
  • A care leaver has a greater chance at 18 of being in prison than attending a university
  • Literacy levels for ex children in care are very low but suicide rates are high.